Sunday, February 22, 2009

Starting the blog, starting to pack

Wilkommen, darlings. I'm starting this blog to document my upcoming trip to Croatia. I'll be spending a few months there working in a hotel by the sea during the off-season.

I consider myself a decent writer, but I am extremely lazy under normal circumstances, so you, Reader (and I will use the proper noun because I assume there is only one of you reading this), should not regard this post as a sampling of my mastery.

By the time I come back, I hope to have realized more about what direction I want to take my life, and hopefully I can get into decent shape and pick up a new language at the same time.

I'm already halfway down my checklist of tying up loose ends before I leave. I'm slowly packing things, I've ordered Croatian language books and a European map card for the ol' GPS. My cell phone will be deactivated as of March 1, so I will hopefully post a number to my unlocked phone as soon as I get a SIM card.

Hop on the internets every now and then and check out what I'm doing with my life.